Who are vialex ?

Who are Vialex International, and who will you be seeing when you come to visit us...

Vialex International was founded in 1988 by Violette Lafite Scholfield, an estate agency professional all her life who has built up the agency to what it is today; one of the most active in the region.

Carl Scholfield - Violette Lafite
Carl Scholfield - Violette Lafite

The agency is devoted to helping people from all over the world find the right place and settle down in our lovely part of France. We are a traditional estate agency, believing in offering personal service to those who come and seek our help, quite often from very far away.

Behind this professional team are all the specialists and experts you will need for your new home in France..over 20 Notaires in the area, architects, surveyors, builders, carpenters, electricians, French language teachers, letting agents, farm contractors, gardeners and pool specialists, home helps..you name it, we will put you in touch with reliable people.

Carl Scholfield, agency director, has helped hundreds of people find and buy their dream property in South West France since 1991. You will find his practical, professional advice invaluable in buying the right property , in confidence.

Marianne Lantinga - Agent Commercial
Marianne Lantinga
Agent Commercial

Marianne has been living in the Lot et Garonne for over 10 years and has got to know a lot of people and the area very well. She speaks Dutch, French, English and German and, with her friendly character, will be able to help you in your search for the right property.